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View on the Gorges de La Loire

100% nature sport experience

If you are full of energy and have the soul of an adventurer this experience should please you. You want to feel the thrill of speed, to taste the vertigo of speed, to go faster, to test your limits…
We have a playground located just a few blocks from our campground that lends itself wonderfully to nature sports activities.
In this high place of sport-nature, believe me, you will be amazed.

Choose your mountain bike circuit by contacting the tourist office of Cordelle or by visiting the website www.cordelle.fr

There are many mountain bike trails around the Loire gorges but be careful not to underestimate the difficulties of the route. Indeed, some of the slopes can be steep and some of the descents discourage the most courageous.

5 courses, 5 levels, it’s up to you!

NB: For the more experienced we also have 2 loops of 36 km with 2 large circuits of 72 km and 80 km.

Well-deserved picnic break at the water’s edge at the Cordelle nautical base…

When you return from your mountain bike expedition, a moment of relaxation is essential…
You can rest in the shade of a tree or soak your overheated calves in the fresh water of the river…
You will be able to simply offer you an enchanted parenthesis in an idyllic setting.
The famous rest of the warrior.

In the afternoon, between the oar and the paddle, what will you choose?

Paddleboarders will have a blast… What a pleasure to glide on the water in such a sumptuous setting. Calm, luxury and voluptuousness, here is an adage that lends itself to this unique place.

If you choose to row, you have opted for rowing. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned practitioner, you are in the right place.

Note: 5 preparation sites have been selected in the Loire, including Cordelle for Olympic and Paralympic rowing

The most courageous will be able to register for a kayak tour.
From the Base Nautique, you will go up the Loire at your own pace to the Château de la Roche (about 5.5 km), where a shuttle will be waiting to take you back by road to your starting point. It takes about 2 hours to reach the final goal (price of the excursion: 13€)

NB : You can combine this kayak trip with a theatrical visit of the Château de la Roche (5€ extra per person).

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